Every day, CASA volunteers are working hard to guarantee that every child has the opportunity to thrive in a safe, loving, and permanent home.  

In 2017 alone, our advocates provided services to over 1,000 children in Bartholomew, Decatur and Jennings counties.  Sadly, there are more victims of child abuse and neglect currently on our waiting list, without an advocate standing by their side.  You can help change that.

You can provide the support these children deserve.

With a CASA volunteer standing by their side, a child is likely to perform better in school, is likely to receive more services during their time in the child protection system, and is half as likely to re-enter that system once they've left it.  And by breaking the cycle of abuse or neglect, a CASA volunteer can make a difference that lasts for generations.

Will you make a contribution today, and help lift up the life of a child?

You can also pledge a monthly recurring contribution by following this link.

Prefer to make your contribution by mail?  Send your donation to:

Advocates for Children
P.O. Box 2107
Columbus, IN 47202


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